ER Galvansiers (PTY) LTD

Specialise in

Spin Hot Dip Galvanising

ER Galvanisers started to do business in 2001 and has grown ever since. We are striving to deliver the best quality to all our customers. WE are a ISO 1461 and a SANS 10684 holder. The company is managed by two directors and 48 employees.
Galvanising is a corrosion protection for steel products and we strive to deliver the best quality possible.
One of our directors has 37 years experience and the other 45 years experience in the galvanising industry. ER Galvanisers was built by themselves and are famous for their spin galvanising and galvanising of chain. We have experience in chain galvanising for a large period of time. We have galvanised from 7mm to 32mm chain and are proud of our top quality finishes.