Advantages of Galvanised Steel

Total Protection 

 With hot dip galvanising, every millimetre of the steel it touches is galvanised, which means that the hot dip galvanising process reaches areas inaccessible to other similar processes for preventing rusting and corrosion.

Less Maintenance 

The galvanised coating of cold rolled steel, using the hot dip galvanising process ensures it will never shrink or crack because it is metallurgically bonded to the steel it protects. It also offers superior resistance to abrasion and water.

Lowest First Cost 

Hot dip galvanising is lower in cost when compared to other commonly specified protective coatings for steel.

Lowest Long Term Cost 

Even in cases where the initial cost of hot dip galvanising is higher than alternative coatings, hot dip galvanising is almost invariably more cost effective in the long term because it lasts longer and requires less maintenance.


Galvanising products are carried out to the appropriate International Standards as well as buyers specification for hot dip galvanising (if required). Coating life and performance are reliable and predictable.

Long Life 

With hot dip galvanising, the Complete Galvanised Steel Tape, Galvanised Steel Strip, Galvanised Steel Coil and Galvanised Steel Wire are galvanised on all it's surfaces, including the edges. It also meets the  Indian and British standard requirements as well as other International standards. Zinc Coating will be uniform and adherent at all places.

Complete Protection 

Zinc coating from the hot dip galvanising process is reasonably smooth and free from imperfections such as flux, ash & dross inclusions, black spots, pimple rust strains, bulky white deposits etc., thus providing complete protection for the underlying cold rolled steel.

Ease of Inspection 

 Hot dip galvanised coatings are assessed readily by eye, and simple non-destructive thickness testing methods can be used.


The use of galvanizing for structural metal safety offers you ten major, measurable benefits:

1. Lowest first value. Galvanizing has a low first value when compared to many other different defensive metal coating.

2. Less preservation/Lowest long time value. Even in instances where the preliminary value of galvanizing is better than opportunity coatings, galvanizing is nearly always the most inexpensive while still lasting a very wrong time.

3. Long lifestyles. The lifestyles expectancy of galvanized coatings on regular structures is an extra 50 years in maximum rural environments, and over 20-25 years in extreme city and coastal exposure.

4. Reliability. Galvanizing is finished to the Australian / New Zealand Standard 4680. Coating lifestyles and overall performance are dependable and predictable.

5. Toughest coating. A galvanized coating has a completely unique metallurgical shape which offers first rate resistance to mechanical harm in transport, erection and service.

6. Automatic safety for broken regions. Galvanized coatings corrode preferentially to metal, supplying cathodic or sacrificial safety to small regions of metal uncovered via harm.

7. Complete safety. Every a part of a galvanized article is protected, even recesses, sharp corners and inaccessible regions.

8. Ease of inspection. Galvanized coatings are assessed quite simply through eye, and easy non-negative thickness; checking out strategies may be used. The galvanizing method is such that if coatings seem sound and continuous, they may actually be sound and continuous.

9. Faster erection time. As galvanized metal individuals are obtained, they may be prepared for use. No time is misplaced in floor preparation, portray and inspection.

10. A complete defensive coating may be implemented in minutes; The galvanizing method isn't always depending on climate conditions

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