The following additional points will be integrated into the terms and conditions for E.R. Galvanisers (Pty) Ltd:
  1. We reserve the right to terminate any service without notice or reason.
  2. We may change our terms and conditions if any other evidence is presented that is out of our control.
  3. There is a 5% damage and lossage on all items sent for galvanising due to the nature of the business and the process used. Enquire to find out more about the potential for lossage and damage.
  4. Objects made from thin plate or steel are more liable to damage and warping from the heat of the galvanising process.
  5. Turnaround time is not always final and can change at short notice.
  6. Pricing given for galvanising services can change without notice due to fluctuating market prices for zinc and other materials used in the process.
  7. Customers are responsible for ensuring that items are suitable for galvanising and meet the necessary specifications and requirements.
  8. The galvanising process may not be suitable for certain types of materials or objects with specific coatings or treatments.
  9. Customers should ensure that items are clean and free of any substances that may interfere with the galvanising process.
  10. Galvanising may not be able to remove or cover up existing defects or imperfections in the items.
  11. Galvanising may result in a slightly different appearance or texture on the surface of the items, which may be more noticeable on certain materials or finishes.
  12. Customers should be aware of any safety or handling precautions that may be necessary when handling galvanised items, such as using gloves or avoiding contact with certain substances.
  13.  Additional fees may be charged for any work required due to unsuitability of items for galvanising or failure to meet necessary specifications and requirements.
  14. E.R. Galvanisers (Pty) Ltd will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred during transportation of items to and from its premises.
  15. The customer assumes all liability for the condition and use of the finished product.
  16. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the finished product and report any defects or issues to E.R. Galvanisers (Pty) Ltd within 5 business days of receiving the product.
  17. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the customer and E.R. Galvanisers (Pty) Ltd and supersede all prior agreements or understandings, whether written or oral.
  18. For more information on what to check for before sending work for galvanising, visit our website and look under the "Essential for Galvanising" tab or alternatively phone our office.